How to update the XFtoWP plugin

It is easy to keep the XFtoWP plugin up to date. With an active license key you can enable one-click updates to be sent to your websites. You can also manually update the plugin in a few short steps too.

How to enable one-click updates

New updates are sent from the website to your verified site(s) using the plugin. You must activate the license key given to you after purchase to get updates sent to your site.

In addition to one-click updates you can download the latest XFtoWP plugin files any time from your account area. You can also copy your license key and manage active sites from your account area too.

Step one: Copy your license key from your account

Step two: Save & activate your license key to WP admin > XenForo

Now when there is a new version of the XFtoWP plugin ready you can update it from the Plugins panel in the WP admin.

Manual updates

If you are unable to use the one-click updater there are three ways to manually update XFtoWP to your website.

The fast way

In simple terms, download and re-upload the plugin by following the same steps to install the plugin.

Step one: Download the folder from your account area.

Step two: Go to WP admin > Plugins > Add new to overwrite and activate the old version.

The switch-off

Step one: Download the folder from your account area.

Step two: Unzip the file to reveal the XFWP folder.

Step three: Connect to your site via FTP and browse to /wp-content/plugins/ and upload the XFWP plugin.