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XFtoWP 1.5.4

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  • Fixes missing user data from widget if user has been deleted (attributes author to Guest)
  • Adds missing alt text to user avatar in thread comments view
  • Prefixes user avatars alt text to make more useful

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XFtoWP 1.5.2

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  • New: New option to show latest posts by Node only in XF Widget > Latest Posts > By forum
  • Introduces new widget refresh routine for safe and invisible widget data refresh
  • Links widget title to selected node on the Latest posts widget

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XFtoWP 1.5.1.x

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  • Ensures replies not marked as visible do not show in Thread Replies list, despite API user permissions (reference thread)
  • Permit a limited amount of HTML to be used in all fields on the Edit Strings page, or any admin field registered as a string (reference thread) Reverted.

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XFtoWP 1.5.1

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  • New: Built-in integration with the DigiMember Membership Plugin. Learn about XFtoWP plugin integrations →
  • New: Offers new settings fields and API methods to create integrations for plugins that don't use standard WordPress interface practices (like DigiMember)
  • New: If a WP user's username is an email address, the sync process now safely strips it down to a username that is valid to register in XenForo

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See what's new:
  • Resolves possible missing data in Latest posts widget if user:read permission is removed from API user

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XFtoWP is now available for download and one-click update from your WordPress admin panel. This is a maintenance release that adds minor feature improvements to the Latest Posts forum widget and code stability changes[...]

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  • Latest posts widget now shows last post user avatar in post list
  • Latest posts widget title now links to your Board URL
  • Latest posts widget now shows a "No posts found" if there are no new posts within your forum's data range

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