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How to translate XFtoWP into any language

XFtoWP is build according to WordPress translation standards which makes it possible for anyone to translate the text strings in the plugin to any language. You can see the list of available languages ready for[...]


See what's new:
  • Makes the user password reset warning message before the "Import XF users to WP" bulk action more obvious
  • Adds a more reliable user check to the "Import WP users to XF" pre-import process
  • Reverts an optimization made in to restore the full the "Forum login page ID" feature

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  • Simplifies the after login action sent to wp_login
  • When a user logs in from WP, the plugin will look for a forum user with a matching email and sync the accounts. If no forum account is found, a new XF user will be created. To enable this, go to WP admin > XF > User syncing > Redirect after login

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  • Fixes custom user titles that return "1" and now uses a more reliable way to show user titles in thread replies. May be related to XF2.2.12
  • Restores {usergroup} variable to product actions settings
  • Hides Login actions admin settings if API user is not a super user key

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How to Sync Custom User Fields

XFtoWP offers a simple connection point to map custom user fields you wish to send from a WordPress user during actions and other syncing events. You can use Custom User Fields to enhance the XenForo[...]