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11 changes

XFtoWP 1.5.2

Released: May 26, 2023

  • New: New option to show latest posts by Node only in XF Widget > Latest Posts > By forum
  • Introduces new widget refresh routine for safe and invisible widget data refresh
  • Links widget title to selected node on the Latest posts widget
  • Only load widget tab script if the tabbed layout option is enabled on any given widget
  • Moves saves and refresh button when disconnected or on first time setup for a more organized UX
  • Now allows partial HTML to be saved to strings from the Edit Strings admin page, and any admin field registered as a string
  • You can now override existing strings from the convenient xfwp_strings filter
  • Disable Bulk Actions screen if user API permissions are not confiugred to run any actions
  • Only pass user ID parameter to XFtoWP scripts when user is logged in
  • Applies additional display check to manual user verify form template
  • Removes some unused JS on admin screen before API key is configured
2 changes

XFtoWP 1.5.1.x

Released: May 24, 2023

  • Ensures replies not marked as visible do not show in Thread Replies list, despite API user permissions (reference thread)
  • Permit a limited amount of HTML to be used in all fields on the Edit Strings page, or any admin field registered as a string (reference thread) Reverted.
8 changes

XFtoWP 1.5.1

Released: April 24, 2023

  • New: Built-in integration with the DigiMember Membership Plugin. Learn about XFtoWP plugin integrations →
  • New: Offers new settings fields and API methods to create integrations for plugins that don't use standard WordPress interface practices (like DigiMember)
  • New: If a WP user's username is an email address, the sync process now safely strips it down to a username that is valid to register in XenForo
  • Prioritizes email lookup over username on certain user syncing actions
  • MemberPress integration: Fixes validation error that may prevent user's from saving profile when no changes have been made
  • MemberPress integration: Ensures XF user password is updated when changed from the MemberPress frontend profile area
  • Fixes potential fatal error when assigning new password to a WP user after successfully logged in with XF user credentials
  • Clears warning message when deleting a WP user who has been synced and unsynced
1 change


Released: April 15, 2023

  • Resolves possible missing data in Latest posts widget if user:read permission is removed from API user
13 changes


Released: April 8, 2023

XFtoWP is now available for download and one-click update from your WordPress admin panel. This is a maintenance release that adds minor feature improvements to the Latest Posts forum widget and code stability changes throughout the plugin.

  • Latest posts widget now shows last post user avatar in post list
  • Latest posts widget title now links to your Board URL
  • Latest posts widget now shows a "No posts found" if there are no new posts within your forum's data range
  • Adds alt text to all author avatars in widget
  • Adds last_post_user to latest posts list data
  • Improved data validation and sanitization throughout the plugin
  • Makes auto-publish check simpler and more reliable for edge cases
  • 3 new strings added, no_replies editable from the Strings Manager
  • Ensures all new thread titles and messages have HTML decoding applied to quotes
  • Prevents comments list template from displaying a 0 after AJAX refresh (cache compatibility)
  • Clears warning message on create thread with unset $wp_user_id
  • Removes empty getLogin JS function from loading on the frontend.
  • Minor file reorganization and code cleanup
3 changes


Released: February 14, 2023

  • Makes the user password reset warning message before the "Import XF users to WP" bulk action more obvious
  • Adds a more reliable user check to the "Import WP users to XF" pre-import process
  • Reverts an optimization made in to restore the full the "Forum login page ID" feature
2 changes


Released: February 8, 2023

  • Simplifies the after login action sent to wp_login
  • When a user logs in from WP, the plugin will look for a forum user with a matching email and sync the accounts. If no forum account is found, a new XF user will be created. To enable this, go to WP admin > XF > User syncing > Redirect after login
5 changes


Released: February 7, 2023

  • Fixes custom user titles that return "1" and now uses a more reliable way to show user titles in thread replies. May be related to XF2.2.12
  • Restores {usergroup} variable to product actions settings
  • Hides Login actions admin settings if API user is not a super user key
  • String translation updates. Adds /languages/ folder to plugin.
  • Adds compatibility with the new XFtoWP French translation
4 changes


Released: January 8, 2023

  • Ensures WP user password is set when successfully logged-in with XF credentials
  • Now displays users who are already synced during XF user bulk import
  • Fixes error during 1.4.x user logs migrator that may return a false 'complete' status
  • Minor code cleanup & organization
23 changes

XFtoWP 1.5 (stable)

Released: January 2, 2023

The changes between XFtoWP 1.5 Release Candidate 3 (the last public beta) to the now released XFtoWP 1.5 stable.

Read the complete 1.5 changelog here.

  • New: Allow XF user login credentials to be used on WP login forms to create a user sync
  • New: Set option to "Redirect after login" only once every X days
  • New: Disable Bulk Actions tools interface with a simple switch
  • Bulk actions: The "Refresh users" process only registers missing users if "Sync user registrations" is enabled
  • Bulk actions: Adds a notice to the "Import XF users to WP" screen to prevent user password resets
  • Updates plugin description
  • Adapts various query calls for WordPress 6.1 caching improvements
  • Adjust "Redirect after login" functionality to more reliably call usermeta
  • Now saves last auto login time for user when "Redirect after login" action is fired
  • Removes potentially slow use of count_users from admin settings pages it is not needed
  • Combine admin_init calls
  • Sync validation: Prevents and flags WP users with email addresses from registering to XF
  • Sync validation: More thorough user permissions checking and reporting
  • Ensures the main account ID is unset when user is disconnected
  • Fixes warning notice message on Logs admin screen
  • New: Now shows a persistent upgrade notice to help you find the User and Threads Logs migrator tool for XFtoWP 1.4.x upgrades
  • Removes duplicate {usergroup} variable placeholder from User syncing settings
  • Fixes possible warning notice on usergroup syncing
  • Custom user fields are now compatible with the XF Date validation field
  • Developer: New function xfwp_is_syncing_on_register returns whether "sync on register" is turned on
  • Uses native WP error handling on various checks during user syncing
  • "Post to forum" meta box renamed to "XenForo"
  • Removes old backwards compatbility patch for 1.0 -> 1.1 in xf_post_meta()