XenForo Forum Content and Board Statistics Widget

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  • Widget settings overview

Once you’ve connected to your XF forum you can use the new XenForo content widget in the Appearance > Widgets screen.

With this versatile widget you can show lists of the latest posts, handpick featured threads, and display a simple forum listing. Use the widget settings to display lists inline with titles or combine into a slick tabs box.

XFtoWP forum content widget

Widget settings overview

Adding and customizing the widget is a breeze and has flexible controls that allow you to create well-curated lists of forum content for use and re-use across sidebars and other widget areas.

Out of the box you can display Latest posts, Featured threads, and Forum listing. Once you have added the widget to the sidebar area you can select which of content types to show:

As you enable each content type you will see the display options appear below the widget. That is where you can change tab/title text, edit post counts, add featured threads, and display the forums list:

You can use the XenForo content widget everywhere WordPress supports widgets, including the new Blocks Editor. For content-heavy sites, consider using custom sidebars (like in our theme Marketers Delight) to add forum threads that best match the content of your pages and categories,