How to Add XFtoWP to custom user register forms

XFtoWP detects nearly any time a user is registered from WordPress, including built-in integrations with other membership and eCommerce plugins.

If your site has created its own custom register form, XFtoWP may not be able to detect it right away.

Ask your developer to edit the register form template and include the following PHP nonce field into the register <form>:

wp_nonce_field( 'xfwp_add_user_nonce', 'xfwp_add_user_nonce' );

Or echo directly into a PHP template:

<?php echo wp_nonce_field( 'xfwp_add_user_nonce', 'xfwp_add_user_nonce' ); ?>

This adds a nonce field into your form that XFtoWP uses to detect the signup, and run its normal syncing routine. This change should be the only step required for most custom integrations.

If still not working as expected, please post at Kolakube Support with additional details about your setup.

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