Now available for XenForo 2.2 and WordPress 5.0!

The Simple XenForo to WordPress Integration Plugin

  • Easy connection and setup
  • Powerful user syncing New
  • Use threads as comments
  • Forum content widget
  • Styled to match your theme
  • One-click plugin updates
  • Ready to translate

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Finally, a reliable way to connect your WordPress sites to your XenForo community

Use the XFtoWP plugin as your base to add new features powered by your forum to your WordPress wbesites! See the top features of the XFtoWP plugin:

Fast setup & connection

Just enter a few details from your XenForo admin panel to make a fast & secure site connection. Always load forum data from behind-the-scenes.

Key feature

Thread comments

Create and connect forum threads to any WordPress blog post or custom post type entry. Customize to match your theme.

Forum widgets

Add some activity to your sidebar with handy XF widget. Display latest posts, featured threads, and a forum listing with simple widget settings.

Built for quality

It's time for a lightweight and extensible XenForo to WP bridge that works! XFtoWP is a polished plugin with a framework for building even more.

Developer tools

Override and edit styles and templates. Extend core features with hooks and filters. Make instant API requests with helper functions.

Coming soon

Group promotions

Promote forum users to new groups from WordPress. Send alerts and conversations and automate promotions with eCommerce plugins.

Get support

Post your questions, suggestions, and other feedback at the MD Forums. Read the docs for more detailed guides and tutorials.
XFtoWP forums | XFtoWP docs

Feature spotlight

Add forum replies to pages with Thread comments

Bring new life to your comments section by adding forum threads to your posts. Auto-increment comment counts and replace/combine forum replies with existing WP comments.

Buy now $79

Use forum replies as blog comments with XFtoWP

Create new threads

Rapidly create and connect threads with convenient post meta controls. Set custom thread titles and messages.

Increase comments

When a post is connected to a forum thread it will add the amount of replies to the post's comment count.

Comment styles

Quickly customize comments from a compact thread-like style or with a minimal style.

Display locations

Automatically insert comments template below posts. Replace WP comments or combine into tabs.

Click to expand

Cut-off long replies and show on the "click to expand" button to keep your comments section readable.

AJAX load replies

Don't show all replies at once, choose how many replies per page to show and load more with a button click.

Filter messages

Control what shows up in your comments. Filter out images, code, avatars, and other parts of replies.

Smart data refresh

XFtoWP minimizes the amount of requests made to your forum and loads replies without notice.

Thread logs

For your convenience you can view a log of all connected threads from the plugin settings page.

  • Customize Thread comments with easy admin settings

    XFtoWP admin settings
  • View forum replies as minimal comments list

    XFtoWP admin settings
  • Only import permissions for the forums you need

    XFtoWP admin settings
  • Combine forum replies + blog comments with tabs

    Use forum replies as blog comments with XFtoWP
  • Create and connect threads from the post editor

    Create new threads from WordPress posts
  • Create, connect, and disconnect threads

    Create new threads from WordPress posts
  • Example of the forums listing widget

    Forum listing widget
  • Translate and edit text strings

    Edit Strings settings page