Syncing Usergroups From XenForo to WordPress

To use features that promote and demote usergroups from XenForo users, you must first connect the usergroup IDs into the WP admin > XF > Site Setup > Usergroups admin page.

For example, if you have a special usergroup called “Premium Member” that should only be added when a purchase is made in WooCommerce, you will need to connect the usergroup here for XFtoWP to recognize it.

You can get usergroups IDs from the XenForo admin > Groups & permissions > User groups by either hovering over the title or copying it from the Edit user group page.

XenForo usergroups

Example from the admin page URL, where the usergroup ID is 5:

How it looks to add multiple usergroups to XFtoWP:

Add XenForo usergroups

Once you have saved the usergroups and refreshed your forum data, you will now be able to add and manage usergroups with User Actions and other settings.

Note, the “Link” icon in the screenshot indicates the usergroup has been paired with a product or membership purchase page. For convenience, you can click the Link icon to edit the product page.

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