Sync Usergroups with Popular eCommerce and Membership Plugins

Table of Contents

  • Scope of Integration
  • How to Enable XenForo User Syncing Features in WordPress
  • 1. Enable Plugin Integration(s)
  • 2. Create a User Action
  • 3. Assign usergroups to products
  • Bonus: Assign variable usergroups during User Actions

Save your time manually adding usergroups and promoting XenForo users and connect your WordPress eCommerce and membership plugins to your forum!

The XFtoWP Plugin makes it possible to create and sync usergroups to XenForo during a signs up or product purchase from your WordPress website.

Scope of Integration

A supported plugin integration aims to cover the following scenarios:

  • Register or sync existing WP and XF users on product purchase or membership signup action
  • Change email and password in XenForo user when made from the plugin’s account and edit profile templates 1 1. Tip: Use the optional Disable Email & Password XenForo addon to help direct users to your WP member's area to edit these details. ×
  • Add and remove secondary usergroups on product purchase and expiration. This includes enhancement features such as sending a conversation, alert, custom user fields, etc.

XFtoWP works with most plugins out of the box to register users. For your own custom user register forms, see this doc article. Running user actions on product purchase and expiration is only supported with an official integration.

How to Enable XenForo User Syncing Features in WordPress

Once you have the plugin setup and user syncing capabilities fully enabled, you can dive right in to integrate your membership plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, and even make custom integrations.

Before proceeding, make sure you have already connected XenForo usergroups that you intend to use during User Actions.

1. Enable Plugin Integration(s)

Go to WP admin > XF > Site Setup > Integrate and choose the supported plugin from the settings list. Save your settings.

2. Create a User Action

After a plugin integration is enabled you will now be able to use the “Product purchase” and “Produce expired” actions in XFtoWP > User sync > User actions.

Product purchase user actions settings

By choosing the “Product purchase” action, whenever a WP user purchases a product it will sync the user with the following settings applied.

From here you can choose the Secondary usergroups to add to user’s and even send messages. If you have Custom User Fields, they will already be running behind-the-scenes.

Once your new User Action is setup, you can save the XFtoWP settings page again.

Note: Keep in mind that the action of a user registering for the first time is different than purchasing a product, so create your User Actions accordingly.

3. Assign usergroups to products

Now that you have enabled the integration and setup your User action, you can proceed to the last step and associate a usergroup to a product page.

For this example I will take a screenshot from the MemberPress Edit Membership page, and the process is the same for other plugin’s “New” page.

The goal here is to associate the usergroup with the product, which will link it into the plugin’s actions during product purchase and expiration.

Simply find the “XenForo” meta box in the post editor sidebar and select the usergroup that should be associated with this product.

How to integrate MemberPress to XFtoWP

Update your post and you can proceed to run your first test transaction and user signup. You must associate a usergroup to every product you wish to run a XenForo user action onto.

Bonus: Assign variable usergroups during User Actions

Rather than creating a User Action for every single usergroup, you can create a single action that promotes any usergroup you have associated to a product.

Back when you were creating the product purchase action, you should have noticed the {usergroup} variable as an option. This option exists as a time-saver if you intend to sync multiple usergroups and products.

By simply checking the {usergroup} variable as the only usergroup, your single prod action will apply to every product on purchase on your site that has an associated XenForo usergroup.

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