How to add a Manual User Verify Form to a Page

If you offer a frontend account area for user’s on your WordPress website, you can offer them a bonus feature and allow them to manually sync user’s to your forum.

By using XFtoWP’s settings, you can create automated sync processes in a few different ways, but it may be advantageous to allow users to sync accounts on their own. Here’s an example from the XFtoWP customer’s area:

From this verify form user’s can enter the username or email address of the forum account they wish to sync to their WP account.

By enabling multiple users from WP Admin > XF > User sync, member’s can create “team” accounts and verify other forum user’s to get any special posting privileges your forum permits.

To add this form to your website simply enter the following shortcode to the page your user’s edit their account area:

[xf template="user-verify"]
An example from the WP post editor.

You may also execute this shortcode from page templates like so:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[xf template="user-verify"]' ); ?>

User’s can manage usergroups from this page, and can only do so if usergroup management is enabled from WP Admin > XF > User sync > Allowed usergroups.

If usergroup promotions are setup with User actions, the usergroup will be manageable only if the user has purchased the associated product.

The manual user verify form will not show to user’s who are not logged-in.

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Did you know your user's can manually sync forum user's to their WP accounts?

See how with the special user manual verify form, available as a simple shortcode you can post into your site's account area or other page templates.

Do you think it's a benefit for your user's to be able to verify forum member's, or is it better left to automated actions?

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