How to connect and refresh forum data with the XFtoWP admin panel

To connect your forum to the XFtoWP plugin you will need three things:

  1. Forum URL
  2. API key
  3. User permissions

You can create an API key by logging into your XenForo admin Setup > API keys. This key must be copied into the XFtoWP plugin settings alongside the forum URL you wish to connect.

In your WordPress admin you can go to the XFtoWP plugin settings to quickly make the connection between your sites:

XFtoWP connection settings panel.

Once you have entered the Forum URL & API key click the save settings button at the top. You can also enter the forum IDs you’d like to collect data about and post new threads to in the “Forums” tab.

The page will reload and you will see the new Refresh forum data button which you can click to officially connect your two websites together!

Each time you refresh your site XFtoWP collects useful data from your forum and saves it into an easily accessible array in the xfwp option row.

If you make changes to what data the plugin collects, such as adding an additional forum ID to the “Forums” list, you must save and refresh the data again so XFtoWP can collect the new data.

XFtoWP 1.5 Release Candidate 4

XFtoWP 1.5 is nearly ready to be marked stable. Download now from your account area.