How to create auto-login forum link

As of XFtoWP 1.5 you can create a special page that redirect to an auto-login authorization link securely generated after successfully logging into WordPress.

Clicking this link will redirect the user to your forum and auto logged-in with the synced XenForo user account, no additional login details required!

If a user is already logged-in, this link will safely just redirect to the forum index.

To create this page, go to WP admin > Pages > Add new and create an empty page with your preferred permalink. After you publish this new page, copy the page ID from the URL.

Example URL from WP admin:

Next, go to WP admin > XenForo > User sync > Settings > Forum login page ID,

Find this option and paste the page ID to the text field.

After, save the XFtoWP settings.

It is recommended you link to this page anywhere you would normally link to your forums URL in WordPress—even your nav menus.

Try it! Follow these steps to setup a test auto-login link:

  1. Add the new redirect page as the “Forums” URL in your menu
  2. Find a WP user who is already synced to an XF user
  3. Log out of WP and XF
  4. Login to WP and click the “Forums” URL
  5. Success – you should be redirected and logged in to your XenForo forum!

Caution: For security purposes, the auto-login URL is only valid for usage upto 30-60 seconds after logging in. Afterwards, this page will redirect to your forums index as normal without an invalid authorization URL.

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