8 changes

XFtoWP 1.5.1

Released: April 24, 2023

  • New: Built-in integration with the DigiMember Membership Plugin. Learn about XFtoWP plugin integrations →
  • New: Offers new settings fields and API methods to create integrations for plugins that don't use standard WordPress interface practices (like DigiMember)
  • New: If a WP user's username is an email address, the sync process now safely strips it down to a username that is valid to register in XenForo
  • Prioritizes email lookup over username on certain user syncing actions
  • MemberPress integration: Fixes validation error that may prevent user's from saving profile when no changes have been made
  • MemberPress integration: Ensures XF user password is updated when changed from the MemberPress frontend profile area
  • Fixes potential fatal error when assigning new password to a WP user after successfully logged in with XF user credentials
  • Clears warning message when deleting a WP user who has been synced and unsynced

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