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It’s gratifying to see how the XFtoWP has evolved into what it is today, and what it leaves open for the future. This is a screenshot of the first working feature merely titled, XenForo Comments. By proving the founding ideas behind this, the rest of the plugin became possible.

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The upcoming XenForo Comments Dropin is officially running in Beta on the MD website! As a fun weekend side project to see how far I could push MD5.0, I developed a seamless and functional way to use threads from this forum as comments on the MD blog (built on WordPress)!

I have always found forums to be the best way to self-host discussions and WordPress blog comments have just never cut it for deep discussions. In addition most content from the blog relates to MD customers more than random Googler's—most of whom are also forum members—so it makes sense to centralize discussions to the forums.

Now, at the click of a button I can link any WordPress post to the forums!

View image at the forums

You can see the live preview and get more information on the Dropin page, although it is not yet ready as a members-only download. A beta version will be available shortly.

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