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XFtoWP 1.5 (full changelog)

Released: March 8, 2022 | read more →

  • New: Import and sync users across WordPress and XenForo with the Bulk Actions tool
  • New: Allow XF user login credentials to be used on WP login forms to create a user sync
  • New: See new companion XF addon that automatically registers and syncs new users to WP
  • New: Securely generates an auto login URL that can be clicked to magically login users to XenForo without re-entering username or password. Only shows after successfully logging into WP. Learn more here
  • New: Set option to "Redirect after login" only once every X days
  • New:Sync logs migrated to their own database table for more efficient and scalable storage
  • New: Now shows a persistent upgrade notice to help you find the User and Threads Logs migrator tool for XFtoWP 1.4.x upgrades
  • New: Disable Bulk Actions tools interface with a simple switch
  • Bulk actions: Adds a notice to the "Import XF users to WP" screen to prevent user password resets
  • Bulk actions: The "Refresh users" process only registers missing users if "Sync user registrations" is enabled
  • New: Restrict mod tools (lock and stick threads) by entering approved WP user IDs in Thread connect settings
  • Radically simplified user registration checks to drastically improve scope of plugin integrations
  • Admin toggle boxes usability improvement + general admin UI improvements
  • Removes double nonce checks on API requests
  • Developers: New hooks that make adding your own custom bulk actions possible, easier to use methods for making API requests, new methods for easily adding and deleting sync logs
  • Updates plugin description
  • Adapts various query calls for WordPress 6.1 caching improvements
  • Adjust "Redirect after login" functionality to more reliably call usermeta
  • Now saves last auto login time for user when "Redirect after login" action is fired
  • Sync validation: Prevents and flags WP users with email addresses from registering to XF
  • Sync validation: More thorough user permissions checking and reporting
  • Custom user fields are now compatible with the XF Date validation field
  • Developer: New function xfwp_is_syncing_on_register() returns whether "sync on register" is turned on
  • Uses native WP error handling on various checks during user syncing
  • "Post to forum" meta box renamed to "XenForo"
  • Removes old backwards compatbility patch for 1.0 --> 1.1 in xf_post_meta()

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