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In case you're wondering, XFtoWP stands for XenForo to WordPress and is the plugin you want to integrate your forum data smoothly into your WordPress site.

With this plugin you can finally connect your pages on WordPress to threads from your forum and do all kinds of cool things, including using thread replies as blog comments.

We are finding the best ways to maximize the value of using forum replies as post/page comments and have enabled the feature on the following pages around the Marketers Delight WordPress site (links to pages with real world usage for our forums here):

  1. Link:

    Post type: post

  2. Link:

    Post type: stream

  3. Link:
    Post type: post
    WP comments show before forum comments

There are more examples currently around the website and more later as we continue to add its thread creation & connection feature to our pages.

Note: this thread is a work in progress and will be updated with more details of the plugin and when it will be ready for purchase. XFtoWP is a side project of Alex and one that we are excited to launch as the first official premium plugin under the Marketers Delight name. Watch this space!

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A teaser of the upcoming website (a side project coming to life...). Plugin sent to the very first beta tester as of today.

View image at the forums

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WordPress user syncing is almost ready! See what’s new in XFtoWP 1.2