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26 changes

XFtoWP 1.5 (full changelog)

Released: March 8, 2022 | read more →

  • New: Import and sync users across WordPress and XenForo with the Bulk Actions tool
  • New: Allow XF user login credentials to be used on WP login forms to create a user sync
  • New: See new companion XF addon that automatically registers and syncs new users to WP
  • New: Securely generates an auto login URL that can be clicked to magically login users to XenForo without re-entering username or password. Only shows after successfully logging into WP. Learn more here
  • New: Set option to "Redirect after login" only once every X days
  • New:Sync logs migrated to their own database table for more efficient and scalable storage
  • New: Now shows a persistent upgrade notice to help you find the User and Threads Logs migrator tool for XFtoWP 1.4.x upgrades
  • New: Disable Bulk Actions tools interface with a simple switch
  • Bulk actions: Adds a notice to the "Import XF users to WP" screen to prevent user password resets
  • Bulk actions: The "Refresh users" process only registers missing users if "Sync user registrations" is enabled
  • New: Restrict mod tools (lock and stick threads) by entering approved WP user IDs in Thread connect settings
  • Radically simplified user registration checks to drastically improve scope of plugin integrations
  • Admin toggle boxes usability improvement + general admin UI improvements
  • Removes double nonce checks on API requests
  • Developers: New hooks that make adding your own custom bulk actions possible, easier to use methods for making API requests, new methods for easily adding and deleting sync logs
  • Updates plugin description
  • Adapts various query calls for WordPress 6.1 caching improvements
  • Adjust "Redirect after login" functionality to more reliably call usermeta
  • Now saves last auto login time for user when "Redirect after login" action is fired
  • Sync validation: Prevents and flags WP users with email addresses from registering to XF
  • Sync validation: More thorough user permissions checking and reporting
  • Custom user fields are now compatible with the XF Date validation field
  • Developer: New function xfwp_is_syncing_on_register() returns whether "sync on register" is turned on
  • Uses native WP error handling on various checks during user syncing
  • "Post to forum" meta box renamed to "XenForo"
  • Removes old backwards compatbility patch for 1.0 --> 1.1 in xf_post_meta()

XFtoWP 1.4.2

Released: February 6, 2022

XFtoWP 1.4.2 RC2 – until this is marked as fully stable and available via one-click plugin updater, it is recommended you test on a development site or make a full backup before using this version.

Thread comments

  • New: A more streamlined way to create, connect and reply to threads in the newly renamed “Post to forum” meta box. These actions all work the same way as before, except now you can schedule and run any action after a new post in WP is published. Read more here.
  • Enable automatic thread creation on publish in WP admin > XF > Thread comments > Create thread (can still disable on a post by post basis)
  • Minor UI tweaks to Thread comments admin settings + post meta templates

User syncing

  • New: A change to user validation on signup. Instead of stopping users from registering if the username or email already exists on XF, this version will gracefully connect the new WP user to the XF account, so long as that account isn’t already connected to another user.
    • As a last resort, if a duplicate username is found and that user is already connected to a WP account, a random number between 1-50 will be added to the end of the new username and registration will proceed.
  • Clear custom user fields from XF profile is user is disconnected from WP
  • Fix: Password changed from BuddyPress profiles now sync back to XF (thanks to BuddyPress team for hearing our patch request)
  • Fix: Enhanced product purchase detection in MemberPress integration
  • Fix: Enhanced registration detection in WooCommerce integration


  • Add post types that can auto-create threads with the new xfwp_post_types_auto_post filter
  • Creates XFWP_Data class to hold plugin settings data, easily accessible sanitize methods.
  • File reorganization (filters.php, strings.php moved to /lib/)

Patch update: removes leftover error_log from user requests.

XFtoWP 1.4.1

Released: January 24, 2022

  • New: Adds user syncing integration with the BuddyPress plugin (enable in WP admin > XF > Site Setup > Integrate).
    • Creates XF user account when signup is successful from BP register page
    • Updates XF user email address when user makes edit from BP > Settings > General
    • Coming soon: Updates XF user password when edited from BP > Settings > General (possible limitation in BuddyPress, I’ve made a suggestion at BP forums).
    • During user registration, checks XF to ensure duplicate username and email are not processed
  • Fix: {username} variable now parses again in sent alerts facepalm
  • Removes forum URL from “duplicate username/email” messages (too many plugins don’t allow HTML here)
  • Removes too-early validation on user submitted register data, allows wp_insert_user to handle natively in next step

XFtoWP 1.4 Patch 1

Released: January 19, 2022

Important update to XFtoWP 1.4:

  • Fixes issue that unsaves thread data after post save
  • Fixes minor UI issue on certain Thread actions meta box conditions

XFtoWP 1.3.1

Released: December 1, 2021

  1. Now loads plugin integrations to more reliable plugins_loaded action hook
  2. Fixes potential warning message if no WP user ID found on WooCommerce purchase

Note: XFtoWP 1.4 is coming soon! Check the XFtoWP forums (logged-in customers only) for a sneak peak of the new features.

XFtoWP 1.3 stable

Released: November 8, 2021

XFtoWP 1.3 is now marked stable and officially ready for all licensed customers to update! Read the first changelog entry here for a rundown of the new features and changes.

This stable release adds two minor changes found since the Release Candidate phase, so if you are using this version you should update to fully stable by downloading and updating the plugin files to your site.

The plugin auto updater is available if you are upgrading from 1.2 or lower.


  • Fix: Ensures user first sync date is always saved to postmeta
  • Style: Minor admin settings page markup changes

XFtoWP 1.3 (Release Candidate 1)

Released: October 24, 2021

  • New: Sync Custom User Fields from WordPress users back to XenForo profiles
  • New: Enable or disable plugin integrations from the XFtoWP dashboard
  • New: Auto-refreshes forum data with set refresh time (defaults to 30 minutes)
  • New: Show forum stats and members online with the XF Content widget
  • New: Re-order widget positions with simple text sorting
  • Admin settings & design updates
    • Adds “last synced” date to top of settings panel
    •  Blurs sensitive connection info until editing text input
    • Shows easier to read sync dates for users in Edit User profile settings
    • Adds link back to XF profile from Edit user settings
  • Bug fix: Ensures “XF actions” meta box only appears on supported post types
  • Bug fix: Now fully handles syncing complex passwords with better decoding (thanks @keenants)
  • Adds 6 new translation strings to WP admin > XFtoWP > Edit Strings
  • Code + file reorganization for easier plugin readability
    • Added new /integrations/ folder to root
    • Moved filters.php, strings.php to root
    • Renamed /assets/ folder to /lib/
    • Send your own logic to custom user fields with the xfwp_custom_fields and xfwp_custom_user_fields_data hooks
    • Deprecated xfwp_user_sync_post_type filter, use xfwp_integrations_data instead

XFtoWP 1.1.3

Released: April 14, 2021

  • Hard filters out common excerpt strings ..., [...] from automatically showing in WordPress excerpts. To ensure you have consistent excerpts, edit the “default thread” settings in XFtoWP > Thread comments > Create thread
  • Removes unusable {content} variable from create thread controls

XFtoWP 1.2 Beta 1

Released: February 27, 2021

Read beta guide and take features tour

Discuss XFtoWP 1.2 beta on the forums.

  • NEW: Sync users from XenForo to WordPress in a very easy way
  • NEW: Capture user actions to create automated workflows like group promotion, send conversations, and more.
  • NEW: The redesigned Connected data page show you which threads and users are syncing across sites.
  • Access the “Edit strings” and “Connected data” settings pages from the XenForo admin menu
    Xenforo admin links
  • Fixes a bug where the Thread comments meta box stopped working when moved out of the right hand sidebar in the WordPress Blocks Editor
  • A massive rewrite of the XFtoWP Requests API was done for better code organization and far easier access to request methods

XFtoWP 1.1.2

Released: February 8, 2021

  1. Hides “create thread” button until post is published to prevent early thread creation
  2. Fixes warning message if new thread message content is invalid
  3. Adds clearfix to forum call to action to prevent rare layout shifts